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Just having a digital presence is not enough until you promote it effectively. So we find new ways to market you digitally. We help you capture more eyeballs and generate more business by building more ideas, creating smart campaigns and creating a larger network for your brand. We are future thinkers and possess the ability to create brilliance.

Our Services:
Search Engine Optimization
One of the most effective ways to drive visitors to your website with the lowest cost is to build your site’s search engine optimization. With seo, one can improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website. SEO would significantly improve your company’s brand reach as well as increase traffic to your site, time spends on your website and good conversion rate.
SEO is the process of optimizing your website for search engines.
Is a proven fact that 80% of the users don’t search beyond the first 3 pages of search engines, thus it becomes important to rank higher.
For organic search engine optimization, we take care of the below
Phase 1:
1. Understand and analyse the business and target the right audience etc.
2. Competitor analyses
4. Set proper keyword strategy ( This process involves extensive keyword analysis)
5. Analyse good long tail keywords.
6. Understand and create report of the current state of the site.
7. Gap analysis to identify opportunity areas
8. Devise a custom Search engine strategy
Phase 2:
1. Index Improvement
• Robots.txt
• XML Sitemap
• Dynamic page evaluation
• Site technology and architecture
• Geo-location factors
• Duplicate content resolution
• Site navigation optimization
• Other strategies
2. On-Page Optimization
• Website architecture optimization
• Keyword mapping and optimization
• Anchor text optimization
• Content creation
• Meta tag optimization (titles, descriptions, and keywords)
• HTML mark-up optimization
• URL structure optimization
• Image optimization
• Social media optimization
• Long tail optimization
• Other factors
3. Tools setup
• Web analytics setup
• Google, Yahoo, Bing webmaster setup
• Other client specific tools setup
4. Link Building
• Internal links optimization
• Article writing and submissions on article sites
• Write, optimize and distribute press releases
• Submission of sites to free directories
• Submission to paid directories (Upon client approval)
• Promotion and link building through blog comments, forum postings, yahoo – answers etc.
• Social bookmarking
• RSS/Atom feed distribution
• Positioning on blogosphere
• Creating Twitter profile and promoting the site
• Other link building strategies

Social Media Marketing
Millions of potential customers browse through Facebook daily. These people are either bored of work, need some distraction or just need something new to see. What if we give them some interesting content they want? What do we get in return? We get “likes” and a follower for life!
Leave everything to us and we will keep them engaged over a long period of time. We have experts for every social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus and more.
Below is what we can do for you in social media optimization
• Develop your Social Media profiles
• Get your Company, Services or Product in the concern so that as much as people are sure to notice them
• Create and lead powerful social media campaigns
• Help you to target demographic communities to localize your company’s services or product
• Create a social community for your business
• Monitor online communities’ people discussing your product and services
• Get reviews and feedback right away so that you can improve your services and products
• Use social tools/ platforms to increase your Web presence
• Develop a social strategy based on your unique needs & maintain constant engagement with fans/ followers
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We provide the best SEM strategy which involves market analysis of customer search behavior; understand what customers are searching for. We create ads which help us to bring quality traffic to your website. To achieve this, serious understanding of the business is required. From total googles revenue, $37 comes from SEM! That’s huge, So we make sure that you have the best and right SEM strategy for you.
We do a lot of research to find the highest value keywords and write best ads for you. This helps to bring relevant traffic to your website as well as increase your PPC quality Score.

Our SEM services includes
• Free PPC Search Marketing strategy consultation
• Setup of PPC accounts
• Keyword research, discovery & development
• Ad copy creation and testing
• Daily monitoring and optimization of your PPC accounts
• Landing page creative design and testing
• Weekly reporting services